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How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news!

making mountain music - bringing good news.

30 May
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a bit about me.
my name is jill. i'm a high school/college student and am 17 years old. but most importantly, i'm a born-again Christian. i love the Lord with all my heart and desire to follow and serve Him all the days of my life. i feel very strongly that He is calling me into foreign missions, so i'm doing by best to prepare myself so i'll be ready whenever and wherever He Calls. my dad is a preacher, so i've grown up in church - literally. someday i hope to marry a preacher - cause i can't imagine a life that doesn't revolve around God and His Church. (but i'm not plannin' on gettin' hitched anytime soon!) i have NO IDEA what i'm going to major in for college. but i'm beginning to lean towards middle/high school education.
this journal of mine...
....... is semi-friends only. so if you want to friend me - comment - and if we have some things in common - i'll friend you back!
my fandoms/favorites
The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Star Wars
Walker: Texas Ranger
random likes...
singing. scrapbooking. photography. writing stories. youth group @ church. watching movies. camping. mudding. Christmas. Bible studies. summer camp. mission trips to Mexico! my puppy - jingle. campfires. summer thunderstorms. ultimate frisbee. cooking. speech class. mountain dew. reading. exploring attics. homemade hamburger buns. reese's. reminiscing. sleeping in. staying up late. trips to wal-mart. daydreaming. Tenneessee VOLS. mountains. magnolia trees. Steven Curtis Champman. eggrolls. building snowmen. the smell of fresh-cut grass. Chris Rice. long car rides. watermelon. late-night pizzas with olivia. catching lightning bugs. driving the oldsmobile. broccoli. etc.

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